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Subject: [TMG] Re: Soundex
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 13:16:43 -0600

>Bonita wrote:
Unfortunately, soundex does not always take care if these .. especially
if they start with a K rather than a C. . . .
> > > >
I see this as a major limitation on the *US Soundex* system which
seems geared exclusively to Anglo-Saxon names for which we are already
fairly sure of the spelling. In other words, of relatively little value.
The only other soundex I am familiar with is the Daitch-Mokotoff
Soundex, which makes no presumption about the first letter, for eastern
European names and allows for longer names (6 characters vs letter+3).
Are there other Soundex systems that would help in other
geographic/cultural settings? I assume the transliteration would still
be the first hurdle that any has to overcome.


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