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From: "F. Langset" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Re: Death to gedcom
Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2002 20:46:35 +0100
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Ref: Bob Velke, 11 Feb 2002 13:48, "Re: [TMG] Re: Death to

> Darrell said:
> >Some of us need to swing out over the river. The real
> >question for us isn't, "Why do we want to swing on
> >such a ratty old vine?", because we DON'T want to.
> >Rather it's "Where's a better vine I can grab right
> >this minute? Those crocodiles look mighty hungry."
> The strongest argument against GEDCOM is that it is vine
> that tempts monkeys by appearing to be above water but is
> attached to a thin branch which bends so as to feed every
> one of them to the crocodiles. If you don't want to get
> bloody, then it is silly to argue in favor of using such a
> branch on the grounds that there isn't another one.
> Some monkeys are just willing to get bloody in the interest
> of appearing to be swinging <g>. And they laugh at the rest
> of us who are waiting for a boat.

I guess it all is about personal preferences: Do one want
to die in a crocodile's jaws, or do one want to die from
starvation, waiting for the boat? 8)


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