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From: Walt Flory <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Longevity
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 23:08:09 -0500
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I appreciate all of the information.

Everything I have ever heard about TMG has reminded me of my experiences
with Roots III. So I do expect it to be complex and overwhelming. As you
implied: it wouldn't and couldn't be what it is if it weren't that way.

I'd probably never get around to using them, but it would be comforting to
know that the data base specs are and will be available if I wanted them.

Walt Flory

At 08:50 PM 2/15/02 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi Walt,
>Darrell has covered the FoxPro portion. I will add that the TMG data base
>structure was available for download from but may have
>removed with all the revamping that is occurring.
>If you have not spent time at the Whollygenes site, you really should.
>There is
>a demo made with TMG 3.? that will give you an idea of what your Version 4.0d
>will be like. There is a lot of information about Family Tree SuperTools
>and you
>can get an idea from that what TMG5 will be like. There are also links to
>comparing some common genealogy software's features.
>Some might consider me a TMG fan. They couldn't be less right. There are
>about TMG I really don't like but I am loyal to TMG because I don't know
>of any
>better genealogy program. If you receive your copy of TMG tomorrow, it will be
>weeks before you know if it is right for you. Many people buy TMG but are not
>willing to learn TMG and never really become TMG users. Some find TMG very
>intuitive, some don't. Everyone finds TMG to be complex. If it were not
>it would not be as good as it is.
>There are features in TMG about which I know little or nothing. After two
>I am still learning but I learn what I need as I need it. Sometimes I find
>I can not do what I want to do but that is the exception. Most often there
>is a
>way, or several, but you may have to use the TMG-L knowledge base to get the
>Richard Brogger
>Walt Flory wrote:
> >
> > Richard
> >
> > This is very reassuring.
> >
> > Please elaborate a little on what you were saying about the data base
> > language, structure, et cetera. What language is TMG written in? Is the
> > structure of the data base public? Anything you can tell me along that line
> > will be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Walt Flory
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