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From: "Douglas and Elena Husemann" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Death to HTML 4 enter XHTML+XML
Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2002 02:00:23 -0600
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> Hi, Lee:
> As I understand Cheri's question the point is not how GEDCOM works, but
> to know what data entry choices may have a significant impact on data
> export (via GEDCOM in particular), and what the impact in each scenario
> might be. For my part, I am not very concerned with someone who might find
> out about GEDCOM late in the game. For them, ignorance may be bliss.
> that they not get started <grin>.
> Another related question might be, "What data entry methods should I
> to optimize my HTML output from TMG?" And ditto for John Cardinal's
> Second Site, I might add ... (Send all messages in the "Death to HTML"
> thread to if you please.)

Actually I believe that TMG does need a better more robust HTML output.
With the final registration of xhtml as a mime type, We can actually start
seeing XHTML(which is the current spec for HTML btw)

Further more we can see such improvements as data embedded within text that
is searchable, and has meaning.

Xlink is a budding spec also. and lends itself directly to the complexity of
necessary for Genealogy. Unfortantly no Web browser currently supports it in
extended fashion. and I doubt even IE 7 will either. but I imagine the
of link bases will eventually make it into the mainstream.

But the concept of unstructured (well structured by paragraph rules)
embedded with
Data, will start making the rounds:) So soon I imagine we will be asking
for outputs that are xhtml based with xslt style sheets. as a base and and
then we can
modify those from there.:)


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