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From: Richard Brogger <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Re: Help list or chat board?
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 00:43:00 -0600
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Richard Brogger wrote:
> Right now, Bob Velke seems to be one of the few developers,
> maybe the only developer, that cares enough about transfering data
> between programs to do something about it. With pressure from INFORMED
> users, some other developers might feel pressure enough to wake up,
> get involved and help find a replacement for GEDCOM.

Now I am responding to my own messages. <g>

Bob has GenBridge to help get data from other genealogy software into
TMG. That is good for Wholly Genes because it attracts customers. If
other brands of software had GenBridge, it might attract customers to
those brands instead of TMG.

If Bob's efforts to get a replacement for GEDCOM are successful it
will be a benefit to users of all other programs because they can
import data from all other programs. Bob is trying to promote two
actions that will have little positive effect on TMG sales and could
have a negative effect. I am sure he sees both sides of the coin but
is willing to promote change that will benefit all of the genealogy
community. I think it would be a lot easier for Bob if it was talked
about more on this list and on many other lists. The genealogy
community needs to be informed so that the quest for accurate data
exchange is not left to one developer who already has developed one
possible cure.

Many of us need the replacement for GEDCOM because it will benefit us.
What does Bob need it for? Not for import to TMG, he has GenBridge.
What does Wholly Genes gain by making it easy to export from TMG. I
doubt it will cause a big rush of TMG users to other brands so WG has
little to loose but also little to gain. All software users that
exchange data will benefit. Therefore, IMO, it is the users who need
to push other developers into using GenBridge or into helping develop
a GEDCOM replacement. From this nasty thread we have seen how little
interest other developers have. Do we drop the thread and let it go
back on Bob to solve the problem for the entire genealogy community?
Or do we try to find ways to get many users involved?

One of the concepts in Brain Storming is that any idea should be
submitted and none belittled. It might ruffle my feathers that someone
flames me but I will survive, so will others. We are human and can get
hot arguing in favor or against. Tempers should be controlled. A
thread may need to be kept on track. A thread that could lead to
something good should not be stopped. If GEDCOM were a religion or a
political party I doubt we could solve anything on this list. Since
that is not the case, it is possible that those who understand the
issues might take actions or make suggestions that will help solve the
problem. I doubt it will happen fast but it will never happen unless
more people help make it happen.

Richard Brogger

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