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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: [TMG] Discussion END
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 05:57:44 -0500

In case anyone missed this under the earlier Subject, I am re-posting it.

Richard Brogger wrote:
>The question may have been beat to death but it has not solved
>anything. Can anyone state that there is no solution and back that up
>with evidence? The solution may not be in GEDCOM export but that does
>not mean the discussion is ended. It is ended when the solution is

However, since I am the List Administrator, if/when I say it ends -- it
_will_ end. (For now -- see further).

No, a solution satisfactory for all has not surfaced. Nor is such likely
to happen in the _near_ future. The repeated messages saying that a
solution has not been found only serve to embitter those who:
-- Care, but can't do anything.
-- Don't care.
-- Don't understand.
Finally, the thread is not accomplishing anything at this point except
making list members mad (on both sides of the argument).

Alternatives to how a user may use TMG in order to output the data have
been offered. These are unsatisfactory to some. Others aren't happy, but
will settle for now -- hoping that there may be some change in the
future. At least one person is working on a possible interim
solution. Based on all this, I am saying that it is now time to end the
thread. _IF_ after reasonable time (not for at least a few months), some
relief or solution to the problem is not in the works, the topic might be
raised again --- for a _short_ time. No one is saying that you should
never say anything about it ever again, but when people are saying "give it
a rest" -- that is what they mean. A _rest_. Let their "ears" recover.

Most everyone one this list knows that Wholly Genes does listen to its
users. It is one of the few (possibly only) companies that do listen. Bob
Velke has said (in a word) no (based on certain conditions). He means
that. I wouldn't want it any other way -- and if anyone says differently,
then they do not understand the issues. Bob has given the same answer
before on other features that are now part of TMG. The difference is that
serious recommendations and arguments must be made to him, and his
arguments against the request/suggestion also must be taken seriously. If
Bob says no and names a condition, then any counter-argument must contain
some alternative to his condition. That is what has happened
before. Features were turned down for a reason, but alternative methods
were offered (some of these by Bob - when he is given the chance to have
the time to study the problem).

So let's let this thread die (for now). If you have any other discussion,
make it private. If during that discussion, you think (soon) of an
alternative, send a private message to Bob. (If much later, you could post
again here). I am sure that Bob will give any alternative solution serious
consideration. If he again says no, then take his response seriously and
look at his reasons. I have not found him to be unreasonable (and most
here agree).

So by this time tomorrow, there should be no further discussion about
GEDCOM and Witnesses (other than helping Gary Hester with constructive
criticism on his project). If the discussion continues after that, I may
elect to change to a moderated list and/or remove those persons (on either
side) continuing the thread.

Thank you -

Lee Hoffman/KY
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