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From: "Darrell A. Martin" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] elegant solution to adding "first", "second","third"to bride and groom marriage sentences?
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:05:56 -0600
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At 09:19 AM 2/21/02 -0500, Terry Reigel wrote:
>"Darrell A. Martin" wrote:
> > In general terms, what is the impact if any of using roles, like "First" or
> > "Second", in a marriage tag? *Outside* of sentence construction, that is.
> > Does one need a separate marriage tag set up in the more usual way? I
> > *don't* read the participants in this thread that way, but I'm not entirely
> > sure what is being done. Just want to make sure.
>There is no need for a separate Tag. The standard Marriage Tag now comes
>with the Roles of Bride and Groom in addition to the default Role of
>Principal. You can modify it to add the Roles of First, Second, or
>whatever. That will have no effect on existing Marriage Tags unless you go
>back and edit them to apply the new Roles. If you ignore Roles when
>creating new Marriage Tags, people will be assigned the default Roles of
>Principal, just as they are now. But you will have the option to use the
>new Roles if you choose. Does this help?
>Terry Reigel

Hi, Terry:

I wasn't concerned about the impact on existing tags, as I understand that
adding Roles doesn't have any effect on data already entered. And I have
never used the Role "Principal" (at least not on purpose), since I came to
TMG with Roles already in hand (UFT refugee). My question was, rather:

What is the *impact* of adding custom Roles as you suggest, such as
"First", "Second", "Third", and possibly more? Does any TMG function that
you are aware of, *other* than sentence construction, work at all
differently if I use "First" instead of "Bride" or "Third" instead of
"Groom"? I understand that in each case, the Role will be a principal Role.

Hope this clarifies my question.


Darrell A. Martin
a native Vermonter currently in exile in Addison, Illinois

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