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Subject: Re: [TMG] OT-do you use a laptop?
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 17:31:35 EDT

<< My question is, do you take yours to libraries, archives, etc.? Do you
about security? Do you use one of those security cables that allow you to
lock your computer to the desk? Or is it just too much hassle? I'm wondering
if I would actually have a need to take it to the local library with me or
on an out-of-town research trip... >>

I'm a little late with an answer for you, Robin, but - my laptop is virtually
attached to my arm! I NEVER go any place without it.

Yes - I DO use the security cable -- laptops are just too tempting for those
with weak moral characters and much too easy to take away. And I'm sure that
the cable is wrapped around something that can't be lifted up and the cable
slipped off (a hard thing to find in SLC!)

It's so grand to have your entire data base at your fingertips while
researching -- and not in a pile of notebooks, which get very heavy after

It's a very good investmant.....and can be used as a desktop if you like -
takes up a lot less space but does the same thing. Only thing is the monitor
is usually smaller.

Enjoy.........>Carol Collins

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