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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Exporting Witness Tags
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 23:03:32 -0400
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Wayne Dreier wrote:

> I have come to accept the fact that TMG uses witnesses in a non
> conventional way, but remain extremely disappointed that TMG, billed as
> it is as the best genealogical program around, cannot or will not insure
> the integrity of the data that is entered in it is not compromised.

I completely fail to understand how it's TMG's fault that GEDCOM doesn't understand
witnesses. The data is not compromised in any way. Nobody ever said that you can export
everything you put in TMG via GEDCOM, nor do I think that is a desirable goal.

> I disagree. GEDCOM is nothing more than a text file, stated here
> innumerable times, albeit set up with special formatting. If TMG ignores
> information by not putting it in the file why is that the fault of

It's not GEDCOM's fault - GEDCOM does what it's supposed to do. But why should TMG be
constrained to do only what GEDCOM can understand?

> And, before
> someone tells me that GEDCOM cannot handle user defined items, or
> special information, let me indicate that I have created a custom tag
> with the very same information that TMG places in the Witness tag it
> creates and if I give the tag a label which tells GEDCOM it is a custom
> tag, TMG includes it and GEDCOM can and does handle it.
> Now it can be debated whether other genealogy applications will properly
> record that information. But I maintain that even if none of the
> existing programs can handle it properly, TMG should be able to include
> anything and everything in a GEDCOM file and let the other programs
> worry about what to do with it.

What's the point of WG wasting time inventing custom GEDCOM tags that no other program can
understand? That sounds like the height of foolishness to me. I'd rather they spend their
resources doing something useful, like adding features to TMG.

If GEDCOM export is important to you, the path is clear -- use only features that can be
successfully exported via GEDCOM. Or if the advanced features of TMG are important, get used
to the idea that not everything can be exported via GEDCOM. You, and every other user, has
that choice.

Terry Reigel

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