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From: "David's Personal" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Writing Books
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 21:15:25 -0400
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What do you mean by that Richard?

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From: Richard Brogger [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Writing Books

I have found the All-in-One tree to be better for diagnostics and
splitting files than the intended purpose.

From comments I have seen about Second Site, it is not just a great
way to generate a web site or CD, it is also a great diagnostic tool
and worth the price for that alone.

Richard Brogger

Cheri Casper wrote:
> Wade - Also consider that when you generate an all-in-one tree, you can
> control the number of generations; it doesn't have to be everyone in the
> entire dataset. All-in-one means--at least from what I can see--that is
> shows *all* relationships, not just blood ones versus *everyone in the
> famn damily." You can select as few as 1 ancestor generation from the
> *focus* person up to 99; likewise for descendent generations, 1 to 99.
> also let me see that I had some "spouseless" relationships. It is a great
> diagnostic tool.
> CheriC
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> From: Wade Oram [mailto:]
> Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 9:42 AM
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> Subject: Re: [TMG] Writing Books
> In message <>, David's Personal
> <> writes
> >Cheri Casper wrote:
> >>
> >> But TMG will probably never have an all-in-one tree.
> >
> >Hi Cheri,
> >
> >While I was a TMG user I argued in favor of a chart that would show
> >everyone in the data set. When the programmers figured out how to make
> >a tree that showed everyone, they patented the method. For that
> >reason, I too doubt that TMG will ever have an all-in-one tree.
> >However, if anyone can figure out a way to include everyone without
> >copying FTM, TMG can have a chart that includes everyone.
> Years ago, I had a shareware DOS application (called 'TreePrint' I
> think) which would print an all in one tree of GEDCOM file to a
> character mode printer. With this in mind, it would be interesting to
> see someone challenge FTM's claim to have patents on the format.
> I am not familiar with US patent law but I would imagine that like UK
> patent law, it embodies the idea of 'prior' art whereby if it can be
> demonstrated that the idea embodied in the patent was around and being
> used before the patent was filed, then the patent is invalid.
> Of course, it could just be the layout that is patented in which case,
> provided FTM's is different to that of TreePrint (?) then the patent
> would stand, but in that case, any one wanting to implement an 'all in
> one tree' would only need to copy the layout of TreePrint in order to be
> safe from patent infringements.
> As it happens, I printed one 'all in one' chart with about 200
> individuals on it and then decided that it was too difficult to follow
> (and too wasteful of paper) and discarded it. In my own opinion, from
> the single FTM 'all in one chart' that I have seen, both these points
> apply equally to FTM's implementation!
> --
> Wade Oram
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