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From: "Peter Goldfield" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Visual Chartform
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 21:51:47 +0100

Not sure if I should be butting in here and even more unsure whether I'll
get to see the results as the TMG digest list is so difficult to read with
separate e-mails for each thread - however...

My main (personal?) problem with genealogy, per se, is the insistence on
"blood line" as a measure of social inheritance. OK, OK I know that the term
is strictly Darwinian but the practice is certainly not. I have friends and
"false" uncles and aunts and Victorian "Nannies", who though not related by
genes (at least not before William the Conqueror), are at least as important
(if not more sometimes) in my family history than those who are.

Globally I think this oversight in research, is damaging in a restricting
and somewhat fascisistic (spelling please?) sort of way. No offence meant,
you can tell I'm not a monarchist, merely think there should be another type
of entry and chart that closely ties friends in a "descendant" sort of way.
Like Richard Dawkins's "memes" we probably need a new word to describe those
people who have an effect on our phenotype, which through personal (family)
education extend to future generations. Might I suggest Memer and Femer or
Memis and Memer or something more friendly for non gene "family"!

On the more specific side of things, I'd love to stop my Dear childhood
Nanny who lived with the family for 70 years and was as influential on my
life as my Mother, as appearing as my spouse as I have to enter her as a
relation to get her (and her ante and de scendents) to appear on charts in a
meaningful way. Not to mention Ralph, David, Barry and Little Pete and their
families who are still best friends after 50 years and had far more
influence on me, my wives, children and even my parents than the distant
uncles and aunts or the brothers I never had!

Please give me a way of entering these memerelations as a matter of course
rather than exception!

Hope this gets through

very best

Peter Goldfield

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From: Ole P. Bielefeldt [mailto:]

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Subject: RE: [TMG] Visual Chartform

They might not be legal related, but we still invite them to family

gatherings, even if they are not yet married.

Therefore they ought to be on the charts we show.

Ole P. Bielefeldt

Ry, Denmark

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