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From: "Wayne Morgan" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.03 - A Rank Beginner
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 15:43:07 -0300
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Hi Lee:
Thanks very much. For this data set I have 4900 names, and I have another 10
datasets, or so. I am beginning to wander about the scope of the problem.
The effort to convert to TMG would appear to be limitless just for this
dataset, especially if I have to add articles to each Individual narrative.
Are the standard reports (I assume there will be something equivalent to a
Register report) handled similarly. That is will they require a similar
amount of work to clean up?
Thanks for your other comments. I have been through the Tips on a first


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Sent: Wednesday, September 18, 2002 3:02 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.03 - A Rank Beginner

> Wayne Morgan wrote:
> >You have all concentrated on the Individual Reports, when I thought I
> >might need to provide more basic attention to things like sources.
> If you get the Individual Narrative (IN) report like you want, then
> much everything else falls into place. But you are right, the IN report
> follows a lot of other things.
> >I tried to copy & paste a typical individual report to show you
> >what I have, but it appears that cut&paste doesn't happen inside the
> >Individual Report,
> Screen printing does not provide for cut/paste and that or printing are
> only options for the IN (and other) Preview reports. But you can choose
> print to the Adobe Acrobat program and then can copy/paste from there.
> >so I will type it out:
> >
> >Jacob MORGAN(566)was buried(unknown name of person unknown record type,
> >unknown repository, unknown repository address; unknown reader, August
> >2002.)
> Based on this, I am guessing that you imported your data from another
> program. There are two ways of recording source documentation: free-form
> style and broken down by individual elements. TMG provides both methods,
> but most other programs only provide for the free-form style. Thus during
> import of your data, the citation is entered in the Title Source Element
> the Source Definition Screen.
> During clean-up of your data, you will want to decide which method you
> to use. Then you will either want to copy/paste and edit the free-form
> citation to the appropriate Output Forms template field or you will want
> copy/paste the various elements of the citation to the appropriate Source
> Elements, checking that the Source Type used is appropriate and the Source
> Templates are arranged as you wish.
> Sources are discussed in various Articles and Tutorials of the TMG Tips
> site (URL below). More information of Sources is given on the Proprietary
> to TMG pages of the same web site. Also Terry Reigel has some information
> on his web site, see the link on TMG Tips near the bottom of the home
> >He was Baptist.
> As with most tags and sentences like this, TMG does not provide articles
> (a, an and the) or anything else. So if you want the sentence to read "He
> was a Baptist" then you need to enter the article as well, e.g., "a
> Hope this helps -
> Lee Hoffman/KY
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