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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.03 - A Rank Beginner
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 14:47:39 -0400
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Wayne --

Most of the issues here appear to related to sources. It looks like you used the Preview with sources. You will
be able to see more clearly what the data issues, as opposed to source issues, are if you chose the other
Preview report, without sources. But here are some tips --

> Jacob MORGAN(566)was buried(unknown name of person unknown record type,
> unknown repository, unknown repository address; unknown reader, August 26,
> 2002.)

The burial tag is out of order because it has no date, and no sort date. You could place it in the proper
sequence by entering a sort date that's later than any other tag you have. The actual date you use doesn't
matter as it never prints. This will only be a problem for tags with no dates -- if they have a date it will be
entered in the sort date field also during import.

But it appears there are two tags about the burial for some reason -- this one appears to have nothing but the
source info while the other has more details. Were there two in your original, or did this get generated
somehow during import?

The stuff in parentheses is from a source - we'll deal with that later <g>.

> He was Baptist. He and Annetta(nettie) GRAHAM (571) Jacob and Nettie

I'm guessing "Jacob and Nettie" refers to her parents (or maybe his parents?) But it looks like there are two
tags about this marriage. Are both marriage tags, or is one a Note or something? If you could tell us more
about these two tags we could figure out how to fix it.

> were married in the Baptist Church in Bridgetown, NS by license by Rev. WH
> Warren(unknown author, Nova Scotia MarriagesAnnapolis County( He
> Chute says Jacobs wife was Annetta Chute, b. Sept 21, 1859(dau of John Chute
> & Eliza Potter).

The "He Chute" part comes from importing a note into a Note tag in TMG, but the text of the note already is a
complete sentence. In TMG, the Note tag expects to refer to the subject (usually with He/She), then give the
contents of the Memo field, followed by the date and place. The easiest solution is to change the tag type to
Anecdote, which only prints the contents of the Memo field. Just open the tag, click on the Tag Type button in
the upper left corner, and select Anecdote. This one also needs a sort date.

> John was the brother of Binea. He was Lumberman.

I'd guess this is an Occupation tag. It expects the Memo field to contain the article. You could fix this by
modifying the Default tag type, adding the "a" to the sentence structure. But that would apply to all your
Occupation tags, and wouldn't work well if you came across a situation where you wanted something other than
"He was a ..." I'd open the individual Occupation tag and add the "a" in the Memo in front of "Lumberman."
Also, add a sort date so the tag is sequenced as you would like it.

> He was
> born on 28 Feb 1849 at Bear River, Nova Scotia(unknown author, 1901 Canadian
> Census for Hillsburgh: NAC-6450, scanned original documents from website:
> He married Annetta (Nettie)
> GRAHAM(571) on 22 Dec 1880 at Bridgetown, Nova Scotia(unknown author, Nova
> Scotia MarriagesAnnapolis County.).

> He died on 13 Oct 1934 at Nova Scotia at
> age 85. He was buried on 14 Oct 1934 at Morganville, Digby Cty NS(unknown
> author, Charles Ramsay Funeral Home Records - Vol 1 (

This probably doesn't fix them all, but it should start. I'd suggest that you fix the things that make sense
out of those I mention, then create a Preview report without sources and see what problems are left, and let us
help with them.

About the sources -- go to each tag that has sources listed, and note what the source numbers are. Then go to
the Master source list and look at those sources. I'd expect that all the data from your originals is there,
but not placed in the right source elements so they print correctly. There are a couple of approaches. First,
many people choose to worry about getting the basic data cleaned up first, then go to sources. Others like to
clean up the sources first - you get to choose <g>.

There are also a couple of ways to approach fixing the sources themselves. If you want to learn to take
advantage of al TMG's source capabilities, this would be a good time to learn how they work by 1) making sure
the source type assigned at import is appropriate, and if not, changing to a better match, then 2) moving the
imported data into appropriate source elements (using Windows cut and paste) so they print correctly. Having a
copy of Mill's book, if you want to use that as a guide, helps a lot. So can people on this List.

But some people decide that using all the features is too much trouble, and just write each source note as they
want it to appear directly in the output templates on the last tab of the Source Definition screen. You need to
decide how you want to approach recording sources before you start cleaning them up.

Hope this gets you started,

Terry Reigel

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