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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] TMG 5.03 - A Rank Beginner
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:59:41 -0700
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Wayne - You are getting your sources displayed in the parentheses following
the data. If you want to see a more clean version of the IN, make the
choice that is without the sources. But as Lee indicated, you are probably
going to have to do some work on your sources, but for straight forward
text, choose the other IN.


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Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.03 - A Rank Beginner

Wayne Morgan wrote:
>You have all concentrated on the Individual Reports, when I thought I
>might need to provide more basic attention to things like sources.

If you get the Individual Narrative (IN) report like you want, then pretty
much everything else falls into place. But you are right, the IN report
follows a lot of other things.

>I tried to copy & paste a typical individual report to show you
>what I have, but it appears that cut&paste doesn't happen inside the
>Individual Report,

Screen printing does not provide for cut/paste and that or printing are the
only options for the IN (and other) Preview reports. But you can choose to
print to the Adobe Acrobat program and then can copy/paste from there.

>so I will type it out:
>Jacob MORGAN(566)was buried(unknown name of person unknown record type,
>unknown repository, unknown repository address; unknown reader, August 26,

Based on this, I am guessing that you imported your data from another
program. There are two ways of recording source documentation: free-form
style and broken down by individual elements. TMG provides both methods,
but most other programs only provide for the free-form style. Thus during
import of your data, the citation is entered in the Title Source Element of
the Source Definition Screen.

During clean-up of your data, you will want to decide which method you wish
to use. Then you will either want to copy/paste and edit the free-form
citation to the appropriate Output Forms template field or you will want to
copy/paste the various elements of the citation to the appropriate Source
Elements, checking that the Source Type used is appropriate and the Source
Templates are arranged as you wish.

Sources are discussed in various Articles and Tutorials of the TMG Tips web
site (URL below). More information of Sources is given on the Proprietary
to TMG pages of the same web site. Also Terry Reigel has some information
on his web site, see the link on TMG Tips near the bottom of the home page.

>He was Baptist.

As with most tags and sentences like this, TMG does not provide articles
(a, an and the) or anything else. So if you want the sentence to read "He
was a Baptist" then you need to enter the article as well, e.g., "a

Hope this helps -

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