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From: "Paul E. Lawrence" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] UFT-TMG Genbridge Import via "SQZ" file
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 18:33:59 -0500
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Have my fingers crossed for you...I'm pretty sure the import of 47,000 will
take longer than two hours, it took almost two hours to import my 30,000
plus into tmg4 a couple of years ago...good luck...

At 05:57 PM 9/22/2002 -0500, Linda Gaylord-Kuhn wrote:
>First, let me say, "Thanks," to all of you who offered your help and advice.
>Y'all are great folks and I truly appreciate your efforts. I know many of
>you have run into problems and possess empathy for what I'm going through.
>I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the SQZ import. It's been
>running for almost two hours and, so far, I've not gotten any error
>messages. However, the upper status bar has been lingering on the infamous
>36%-mark (for Events) for at least 45 minutes or longer. The lower,
>overall-status bar has progressed from 16% to 24% during the same time. The
>hard drive LED flickers every few seconds so I'm hoping SOMEthing's working.
>Keep your fingers crossed for me!
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