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From: Linda Lawhon <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] v. 4.0d Indexing memos
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 13:28:39 -0500
In-Reply-To: <>

John & Andy,

I followed your instructions, John, for using the Utility and all worked
well. Thanks.

Andy wrote:
>Are you going to have both the indexes generated as they normally are
PLUS your hand entered ones?

Well, Andy -- if the Alt DX had worked like I wanted it to -- automagically
realized that John Smith was a people and then inserted the correct code
(can you just hear John and Bob V. groaning <g>) -- then it seemed like a
really slick way to get the people and places in the index. As it turns
out -- doing it the correct way by inserting the code plus name, in
addition to the name in the text, I just figure it is just a couple seconds
longer to insert the correct text. Which does put the stuff in the normally
generated index.

> >If you are the index will get a bit messy as TMG does use the following
>[INDEX:]Names: Smith, John[:INDEX]

Egads! Don't tell me I have just spent the morning + making the
corrections and have done it wrong? I put:
[INDEX:]People: Smith, John[:INDEX]

Note -- People vs Names.

And another question -- how critical is the spacing within the index
code? For example, in your example you have a space between Names: and
Smith, John. And what happens if you have a space between the name in the
text and the first of the index code?

> >What I do is insert all the indexes I want by hand and then turn OFF the
>generat Index setting on the Report configuration. That particular setting
>does NOT - to the best of my knowledge-affect index codes inserted by hand in
>a sentence or memo.

You lost me there, Andy. What I am aiming for is -- when I get the report
into Word, diddle and fiddle with it until my heart is content, then as the
very final step, I insert the index -- I want all the people that TMG has
marked and all the people I have marked to be in the same index. Same story
on places.

Thanks for all the help.


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