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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Changing Name of Source Element
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2002 23:48:22 -0400
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Cheri Casper wrote:

>If you create a custom source element and decide at a later point to change
>the name you have assigned it, what exactly do you do? Using Tools>Source
>Elements>Edit, I have assigned a new name but now find that all of my
>sources have not just been assigned a new "label" but have an entirely
>different element in place of the one whose title I merely wished to change.
Strange -- I don't get this result when I try it. I made a new element,
entered it in two sources, then used the sequence you describe to change
the name of the element, and when I looked in the sources found the new
name there as expected.

Terry Reigel

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