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From: "Jim Byram" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Changing Name of Source Element v.4.0d
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:20:31 -0400
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Sorry. I'm being dense and need a specific example.

> What if I wanted to
> change the *type* (not necessarily the right term) of a Source Element in
> an existing custom source type?

Not sure what you're saying here.
1) Change one source element belonging to the same source element group to
2) Change one source element belonging to one element group to a different
source element belonging to a different source element group?
Rememner that source elements are aliases for a given source element group
and represent that group in a template. So the question is whether you are
changing aliases or groups?

> Specifically, from one that is formatted as
> a name to one that is formatted as text? I discovered to my chagrin that
> using a Source Element from the Subject Group (actually an import from
> I think) that TMG *insists* on being helpful and reordering and/or
> truncating it when I want nothing of the kind to occur.

I think that I understand this. The question in my mind is whether the
Subject group imported from UFT acts just like the native Subject group.

That aside, you are saying that you changed from an element representing a
name group (that is special in several ways) to a non-name group? 'Names'
should only be reformatted if output in the form 'Lastname, Firstname' with
the comma being the key. This shouldn't happen in a non-name group such as
Title or Publisher.

Need an example.


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