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From: "Darrell"<>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Changing Name of Source Element v.4.0d
Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 12:51:28 -0400

On Thu, 17 Oct 2002 09:20:31 -0400 Jim Byram <> wrote:

> Darrell,
> Sorry. I'm being dense and need a specific
> example.
>> What if I wanted to change the *type* (not
>> necessarily the right term) of a Source Element
>> in an existing custom source type?
> Not sure what you're saying here.
> 1) Change one source element belonging to the
> same source element group to
> another?
> 2) Change one source element belonging to one
> element group to a different
> source element belonging to a different source
> element group?

Hi, Jim:

2) is correct. Change one source
element belonging to one element
group to a different source element
belonging to a different source
element group.

> Remember that source elements are aliases for a
> given source element group and represent that
> group in a template. So the question is whether
> you are changing aliases or groups?

Definitely groups.

>> Specifically, from one that is formatted as
>> a name to one that is formatted as text? I
>> discovered to my chagrin that by using a Source
>> Element from the Subject Group actually an
>> import from UFT, I think) that TMG *insists* on
>> being helpful and reordering and/or truncating
>> it when I want nothing of the kind to occur.
> I think that I understand this. The question in
> my mind is whether the
> Subject group imported from UFT acts just like
> the native Subject group.

I'm past that, now. I have what I have,
and it doesn't work the way I want it
to. The group in question (which I may
or may not be naming correctly, I do
not have TMG in front of me at this
time) is a "name format" group.

> That aside, you are saying that you changed
> from an element representing a
> name group (that is special in several ways) to
> a non-name group? 'Names'
> should only be reformatted if output in the
> form 'Lastname, Firstname' with
> the comma being the key. This shouldn't happen
> in a non-name group such as Title or Publisher.

I didn't change, yet -- I just want to.
And yes, the problem is that I want the
information to be in "Lastname, Firstname"
format, *with* the comma, but NOT be re-
formatted by TMG depending on the context.
The problem is not TMG, it is the way my
custom source type definition is set up.

As Robert E. Lee once said to an eager
young cadet who had explained to him in
great detail how he *should* have won
at Gettysburg, "Of course, even someone
as dense as I am can see all that NOW."

> Need an example.
> Jim

I make each household in the U.S. Census
into a specific source. I understand why
others do not do that, but you will pry
my cold dead fingers off my keyboard
before you will get me to change my mind
for *my* data. One element of the source
definition is the "Subject". This is the
name, as recorded in the census, of the
head of household. When I put "Dutton,
Stephen H." in the Subject field, in the
output forms it comes out, depending:

Dutton, Stephen H.
Stephen H. Dutton

The last one is the killer. I have more
DUTTON entries in each of several towns
in Vermont, for each census, than a dirty
dog has fleas.

I understand why this is happening. I just
want to know how much work I am faced with
in order to fix it. The last resort is to
rewrite the custom source type (I am using
"custom", not Lackey or Mills) with a non-
name source element added, then after
editing each individual source and checking
the output, delete the "subject" source


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