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From: "Caroline Gurney" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Census Entry
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 16:43:46 +0100
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Ewan Armstrong wrote:

> I have been entering Census information as suggested by Lee Hoffman, i.e.
> entering the Head as the principal and all others enumerated as witnesses.
> What do others do?


I use a different approach because witnesses to tags do not export in

Each person in a household has their own Census tag, with their
enumeration details in the Memo filed. I link all the household members
together by creating a "census person" representing the household who
is a witness to each Census tag. The census person's Person View then
provides a complete listing of everyone in that household with all
their enumeration details, as follows:

Household of Wallace Alfred Davis, 27 The Hill, Northfleet, Kent (1200)

Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); Wallace A Davis, the head of household, proprietor
of a private lunatic asylum, aged 33 and born in Hoxton, Middlesex.
Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); Josephine A. Davis, wife of Wallace A Davis, aged
22 and born at Gravesend, Kent.
Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); Hilda M Davis, daughter of Wallace A Davis, aged 1
and born at Northfleet, Kent.
Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); Alethea I E Davis, sister of Wallace A Davis, of
independent means, aged 24 and born at Tardebigge, Worcestershire.
Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); Susannah Lydon, an unmarried patient, aged 59 and
born at Boston, Lincolnshire.
Census: 03 Apr 1881 (w); John F Dalrymple, an unmarried patient, blind and
dipsomaniac, a retired army Captain, aged 62 and born in Exeter, Devon.

I use a flag to identify the census people and filter them out of the
Picklist so they don't clutter it up.

Caroline Gurney
Portsmouth, UK

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