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From: Jim Campbell <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] OT: Date of death
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:34:50 -0400
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I agree with you in this case. I was trying to draw a more general
principle. Let me give an example. I have a distant cousin whose
tombstone gives her birthdate in 1857. Yet she is shown as a one year
old living in her father's household in the 1850 census. In the 1860
census she is still living in her father's household and eleven years
old. So in my data, I have two birth dates for her. The principle
birthdate is 1849 and the secondary birthdate is 1857. The source of
each birthdate is shown as well as my reasoning for showing the earlier
date as more credible. Some of her descendents are unhappy with me as
they regard the information on her tombstone as gospel.

I just wanted to point out to people that you can have more than one tag
of a given type. Best to record everything you find so that some
subsequent researcher isn't misled.


Joe Makowiec wrote:
> At 08:53 PM 10-23-2002 -0400, Jim Campbell wrote:
> >I believe that I read on this list that Bob Velke is supposed to have
> >said something like "TMG is used to record evidence". If you saw
> >grandma die at 5:00 am yet the death certificate said 10:00 am wouldn't
> >you just have two death tags for grandma? The source of one (the
> >primary) would be your personal observation and the source of the second
> >would be the death certificate.
> That's slicing it a little thin for me. If there was a discrepancy between
> my knowledge and a certificate, as in a case like this, I'd just record it
> as I want it to appear and explain the difference in a note.
> I also may be missing something, but I don't recall a place (other than the
> memo) to record a time...
> Joe

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