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From: Terry Reigel <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Descendant Reports with filters and sorting for progenitorsv 4
Date: Sun, 03 Nov 2002 22:43:16 -0500
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James P. Colgate wrote:

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> From: Terry Reigel
> >Finally, you may need to control how many generations print for the
> descendants of siblings if your dataset contains more generations on
> some lines than you want to include. There is no simple control for
> this. The report will want to print all lines to the same number of
> generations. Your choices are 1) manually remove the unwanted ones in
> you word processor,
> >
>This first one isn't really an option because the report's numbering system will get messed up when I remove a numbered person. Also, this could mess up the footnotes, so that I'd end up with an ibid to the wrong source.

The problem with numbering depends on which report style you use, but it
can be an issue if you prefer the Journal style reports. And yes, if you
use ibid and remove any text with source notes attached, you need to be
careful that the result doesn't leave and Ibid referring to the wrong note.

> >2) temporarily make the parent child links
> non-primary at the point you want to stop the line,>
>Where would I make the change?
You simply make the parent/child link for the child that you don't want
to appear non-primary. That is, you find the child you don't want to
appear in the report, and make the links to his or her parents non-primary.

>Also, I don't really understand the implications of making a birth "non-primary" -- could anyone please explain what other implications this would have for me and my data?
Doing so means that the child will have no parents in any view in TMG.
You should only do this temporarily while you are creating the report,
then restore the primary status of these links when the report is done.

> >or 3) make a
> temporary dataset that excludes those that you don't want to include in
> the report.>
>Some of the people I would wish to temporarily exclude from the dataset on account of their being children of siblings of ancestor, are (I think?) necessary to the dataset because they show up as witnesses in some of the sentences for the (primary) people who would remain in the dataset. So if I exclude such a person from the dataset, am I right that these sentence will print improperly?
You are correct. If the descendants you wish to exclude are witnesses
to events that you wish to include, this approach will not work. If you
really want them to appear as witnesses to those events but not in the
report as descendants, you need to use one of the methods above.

Terry Reigel

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