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From: Richard Brogger <>
Subject: [TMG] acronyms can get confusing.
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 09:10:57 -0600
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Chuck Prickett wrote:
> I am new to this list so I do not know all of the acronym's used by "older"
> users. I think that before you use acronyms in a message you first identify
> it, there are many CDs i.e. Compact Disk, Certificate of Deposit, Citation
> Detail, etc. It took me a while to find that you were talking about the
> latter, by that time I had lost the intent of the original question. Having
> a military background where they make acronyms of acronyms it can get
> confusing until everyone gets on the same page. ;-)
> Thanks,
> Chuck Prickett <>

Hi Chuck,

I am not new to the list but I totally agree with you. AFAIK (As Far
As I Know) I am just a guilty as anyone of using acronyms and
abbreviations when I really should have spelled it out at least one
time. We should all try to remember that all readers may not know what
we mean by something as simple as "<g>".

We should also try to make sure that the subject line reflects the
curent topic. <grin>

Richard Brogger

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