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From: "myrnice" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Page numbers in census sources and citations
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 15:56:50 -0500
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I looked at some sample pages from Louisiana and they are the same as
Georgia and Florida with the page number on the page w/o names. My copy of
Evidence is still packed away in a box and not available right now so I can
not determine the exact census page referred to the book.


"beth" wrote on Monday, November 04, 2002 3:43 PM
Subject: RE: [TMG] Page numbers in census sources and citations

> Myrnice,
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> > Beth
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> > I do not know which 1840 census sheet you are looking at but on
> > the Image 12
> > and 13 (Page 91) of the Hamilton County Florida Territory there are only
> > names on image 12 and the data for those names continues across
> > to image 13,
> > both of which are considered page 91. I also looked at a page in
> > Georgia and
> > it was also a 2 image page.
> yes, I know that for 1840 there are two facing pages that make up the
> complete census form. The problem is that the right-hand page is the one
> that is stamped, not the left-hand page which lists the HOH names. So, if
> put "page 345" in the footnotes, the researcher will not find the HOH I'm
> citing on that page. It *might* occur to the researcher to back up one
> image, in which case the HOH name cited will be found, but instead he/she
> might go forward one image, and then will NOT find the HOH cited. So that
> why I'm of two minds as to how to refer to the page for 1840 and any other
> multi-page census years; should I use "on the back of page 344" or just
> "page 345" and leave it to the future researcher to figure it out?
> If you have the Mills book, look up the 1840 example she illustrates on
> 73 - apparently Louisiana used a different census book layout. The
> right-hand stamped page is the one with the listed names, the following,
> left-hand page is the continuation of the form. So, Elizabeth lucked out
> and used an 1840 example that did not help me with my question.
> beth
> > Myrnice

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