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From: "Peggy Haley" <>
Subject: [TMG] updates and fixes
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 10:06:53 -0700

I have been using TMG for a number of years now and have heard Bob at meetings and read his notes and responses on the list know how committed he his to producing a fine product. TMG has been and continues to be the most versatile genealogy program out there (this is the 5th different program I have used since 1985 and will be the last). Although it is difficult to wait for the reports and the "fixes to the bugs" I for one am thankful that Bob Velke is at the helm and working hard to give us those updates and fixes. When they are ready he will release them. Until then I would imagine his time is spent working diligently to provide them. I am thankful that in the meantime while Bob and his crew are working, we have TMG users like: Hoffman, Cardinal, Mellen, Reigel and others to answer questions and provide help with problems. Keep up the good work Bob and crew and thanks all you TMG users who read our questions and help out your fellow listmates.

Peggy Haley Mesa, AZ

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