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Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 12:42:53 EST

I ran these back when school started in August, but since we still don't have
reports, but do have a lot of newbies, I thought I'd run them again. If you
don't want to use them, just delete all messages with Teresa's cleanup in the
subject line. I will be running the originals, and adding some new tasks I
have found since then.

If you have already migrated to 5.0, you can join me, and give me ideas of
things I need to do to get my data totally ready for printing.
So here is this week's cleanup task for the week. I will be working with
only one progenitor and his descendants for the whole month, and then I will
start on a new one.
Cemetery Names: This week's task is cemetery names. I will edit all of my
burial tags to show the name on the person's tombstone. I will first create
a Name tag called Name-Tomb. Then I will change the burial tag to show this
new name variation. At the same time, I am going to set the reference field
for the individual so that the tombstone report will print in the same order
as the cemetery listing I have created with my camera. On Tuesdays, I will
be working on my webpage, and I will also be trying to get all the cemeteries
pertaining to this family online. If I still have time this week, (with it
being the first week, I may not have a lot of time) I will try to find where
his descendants. who are not buried in the family cemetery, are buried. I
will want to photograph those cemeteries on my next trip home this fall.
Anyone whose tombstone isn't scanned will get done, and all sources will be
finished. (One of my tasks later will be to clean up sources.)
I hope everyone who needs to do cleanup will join me with ideas of things
that need to be done, and thoughts on my tasks. Let's think of positive
things to say about TMG as newbies will soon be joining our list.
Teresa Ghee Elliott

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