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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TIP OF THE DAY: Marking unmarrieds
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:29:32 -0500
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James P. Colgate wrote:
>Ah, the Family Group Sheets. Now this makes so much sense -- I would like
>to easily spot the information that a person was never married on this
>sheet. So I think the custom tag I'm making now, will be linked to the
>imaginary person "never married". Thanks for the great tip, Teresa. Let
>the dust bunnies sit and multiply!
>I also think my Tag will be called something line "Marr No/Child No" -- the
>idea that this is tag is for people who were never married AND had no kids.
>So I guess then I'll have a different tag for those who were married (or
>marital status is unknown) but whom I know to have had no kids -- "Children-
>No", or something like that.
>Someone earlier asked "how do you know that the person was never married?"
>This is always a concern. If the source I'm relying on simply doesn't list a
>spouse, then I won't presume -- and I therefore won't add my custom tag
>"Marr No/Child No". If the source actually states "never married", I'll
>parrot that info and cite the source in my footnotes. But this is always an
>issue -- in one major published genealogical opus, my Henry Laverty King is
>said explicitly to have "never married", but I know from other sources that
>he indeed was married and widowed. (the book that got it wrong was Cuyler
>Reynolds's "Genealogical and Family History of Southern New York and the
>Hudson River Valley").

In addition to Family Group Sheets (FGS), you might also consider the
Individual Detail report. The FGS is somewhat standardized by usage, but
the normal format only includes birth, marriage, death and burial
information (although TMG allows the inclusion of more events (tags))
although it still does not include all information available -- such as
Flags. The Individual Detail report however allows you to essentially
print the information on the Person View (pretty much what the FGS does)
plus the Flag settings for a person.

I would suggest trying both reports and seeing which most closely meets
your needs. Also try the reports using different options. Some options
may be more important to you than others. The default option selections
are excellent one with which you can start. But other options may be
preferred by you.

Lee Hoffman/KY
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