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From: Richard Brogger <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] REPORTS
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:37:20 -0600
References: <3DC8EAF3.28670.41EF45@localhost>

You wonder if beta testers follow up on known problems. I'll guarantee
that they do. As to making sure that the problem is corrected, it is
their job to report errors, not fix them. Although they do follow
through and test the fix. What is their reward for busting their butts
to make the product better? It surely is not reading messages that
wonder if they are doing more than what is required. Monitoring this
list is not a requirement for a beta tester. Helping others learn the
software is not a requirement for a beta tester. Some do all of that
and much, much more yet it does not seem to be enough for those who do
nothing to help. Go figure!

Richard Brogger

David wrote:
> You know what bothers me the most .... I understand that we have
> numerous BETA TESTERS on this list. I wonder if they follow up
> on known problems and make sure they are corrected? The users
> of this software program deserve better treatment in my opinion.
> David

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