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From: "Paul E. Lawrence" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] [P] comes out as "He" when it should be the full name (v4)
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 09:38:24 -0600
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Try using [P1] if he is the Principal 1 of the tag....[P2] if he is the
Principal 2

At 11:44 PM 11/6/2002 -0500, James P. Colgate wrote:
>I'm having a bit of a problem, trying to get my witness sentence to write
>out the entire principal's name, when instead I only get "He". I'm using v
>In my tag definition screen I have a sentence for the principal (the
>testator, in a will tag) which prints fine under the principal in my
>reports. But it's the sentences for the roles that get it wrong. For the
>role [R:Legatee Wife], I have the following sentence:
>Her husband, [P], wrote a will <[D]> <[L]> leaving her a bequest.
>But the report prints:
>"Her husband, he, wrote a will on 9 May 1796 leaving her a bequest."
>This even happen if I run an individual narrative report of just this one
>person, where that the principal (the "he") is not in the same report. I
>know from that in the reference manual that the pronoun he/she is supposed
>to replace the principal's name after the name already shows up in the same
>paragraph. But here I'm stonkered (to borrow an unfamiliar phrase). I
>tried using [N] instead of [P], but then the "he" is replaced with a "[N]".
>Any thoughts?
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