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From: Lee Hoffman <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG 5.03: Ramification of Correcting the Spelling of Standard Event Tag Names
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 13:46:17 -0500
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Thomas Kryssbek wrote:
>TMG 5.03: what is the ramification of correcting the spelling of various
>Standard Event Tags? TMG 5 allows longer event names, so I would like to
>correct the spelling of various standard tags (I've already corrected all my
>custom names). For example:
>Associatn to Association
>Confirmatn to Confirmation
>Christning to Christening
>Descriptn to Description
>Excommuntn to Excommunication
>Immigratn to immigration
>Natlzation to Naturalization
>TMG 5.03 will of course let me make the correction. Can anyone tell me why I
>should not do it?

The only reason that comes to mind would if you merge projects or data
sets. If one data set (with regular Tag Labels) is merged with a data set
whose Tag Label have been changed, the result is that the resulting data
set would have one Tag Type with the original spelling and one with the
changed spelling. You could then change one spelling to agree with the
other, but there would still be two separate Tag Types for that use. Thus
there would be, e.g., one Immigratn tag and one Immigration tag. If the
one is change to the same spelling as the other, two tags would have the
same name, e.g., Immigration. There is no provision for merging Tag Types.

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