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From: Linda Gaylord-Kuhn <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] 5.03 Bug
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 21:33:15 -0600
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Thanks, Richard and Dean. I am aware of this neat feature (being able
to jump from person to person when switching views), but I honestly
don't think this is what happened just before I posted. I happened to
be viewing the Tree of Pres. John Adams and switched to Person view and
it displayed me. I don't have any tags on John Adams which would link
to my own record. <g>

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From: Dean Scribner [mailto:]
Sent: Friday, November 08, 2002 8:39 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] 5.03 Bug


In 4.0 you can duplicate this on demand, and also by accident. It's
of the design of the system. When moving back and forth among Tree,
Family, and Person Views, in any order, the resulting view will be that
of the person whose name or data was highlighted in the previous view.
This is what makes it possible to choose the Person, Family, or Tree
for any one of thirty-two people on the Tree view with only two clicks
the mouse. What causes the accidental move to an unintended person
results from not being aware what person was highlighted before clicking
the view tab. It's a trade-off, part of the cost of the convenience.


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