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From: Doug Gordon <>
Subject: [TMG] What happened to Descendancy Narrative?
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 10:15:53 -0500

In 4.0d my favorite report was the full "Descendancy Narrative", consisting of the "Individual Narrative" reports for the focus person and all his/her descendants. I don't see this report in 5.04, and it is not one of the greyed-out items on the menu (although it is actually mentioned in the help screen for the Indiv Narrative report dialog!). There is the "Indented Descendant" report, but this is definitely a different format from what I was looking for. In 4.0d this type of report was actually an option on the individual narrative report, where you could check a box for "all descendants of this person".

Will the full Descendancy Narrative (or Ancestor Narrative for that matter) eventually be part of 5.0x?

Doug Gordon

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