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From: joanna <>
Subject: [TMG] fancy filtersCO
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 20:33:30 -0600

I'm using the new filters in the Picklist. I set the first criterion to be
"Surname = cope" AND
my second is "birth group year < 1849" OR
my third is "birth group year > 1900" END

I thought I was asking for (first) AND ( second OR third) meaning all Cope
surnames born either before 1849 or after 1900.

Instead I got something closer to (first AND second) OR (third), meaning all
the Cope surnames born before 1849 and everyone born after 1900. But I also
got some "ringers" with birthdates like "after 1866"

The help file still talks about "any of these" and "all of these"; the
global AND and OR.

is it too late to request REAL boolean filters? If it is, then can someone
explain how this fake-boolean stuff works? I can't imagine the mess I'd get
if I used more than three criteria.

joanna -- feeling terribly illogical tonight.

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