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From: "Rhonda Carter" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Error 15 message on backup
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 21:20:22 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

I had this problem a week or so ago, with 5.03, after backing almost daily
since February (I was previously using 4.0d). I called Wholly Genes and
wrote to the software message board (Easy CD Creator), since they don't have
a way of contacting them, and no one seemed to know what the problem was.
My backup would work fine until time to actually write it to CD, then I
would get the message that the zip file was left on C:. After about a week
of trying everything I could, somehow, I got an error message that indicated
that I was not the administrator and could not access the CD for this I re-formatted the CD and have had no problem since....knock
on wood. Still don't know what happened, but just glad to get it resolved.
The backup is actually written to C:, so you have a copy of it there, and
can just "drag" it to the CD if nothing else works.

Hope this works for you.
Rhonda Carter

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From: Ray Holt [mailto:]
Sent: Saturday, November 09, 2002 11:15 AM
Subject: [TMG] Error messabge on backup

I downloaded and installed TMG 5.4. I have been backing up to my CD
without any trouble. The first time I tried to do so with 5.4 I get
error code 15 and the backup will not work. I tried several times and I
get the same error code. Do any of you beta testers out there know what
this error code means and what I can do about it. Thanks, Ray Holt


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