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From: Richard Cleaveland <>
Subject: [TMG] printer options - Suggestion
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 12:46:06 -0500

I see in the update report: A new "Printer Setup" option on the File menu
lets you select the printer, paper, orientation, and margins for the report

Seems to me that orientation and margin settings would more likely be a
feature of a *report* rather than the printer. I could visualize that
printer options for this aspect as being a default, but for specific
reports there would be a three option list such as "Landscape - Portrait -
Printer default" defaulted to Printer default (obviously) and a similar
set for margins.

For example, I'll frequently want "list of..." reports to go to landscape
with narrow L./R margins, a small bottom margin and a wider top margin so
that I can punch the top of the report pages and have more and wider column
selections (I'm assuming here that these reports will have this similarity
to those in TMG 4). On the other hand, most narrative reports I'll want in
portrait style with a wider left margin and (perhaps) narrower top
margins. Associating these characteristics with the report type rather
than with the printer (which, except for minimum margin settings, could
care less) would reduce the error rate and/or need to frequently reset the
"printer setup" options.

I would like wholly Genes to consider this suggestion, and invite any list
members who think it is not a good idea to let me know why. The fact that
some day in the future we may be able to adjust these parameters after the
fact in an exported report should be irrelevant - I'm assuming these
settings would be exported along with the data.


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