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From: "James P. Colgate" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Some Report Generation Questions
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 20:04:51 -0500
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Hello Brian,

Sorry I didn't understand the complexity of your problem. If it fits your
program, you could perhaps put the transcription as a word processed file
exhibit. But I've not done exhibits yet and don't know if it would work
given you also have an image exhibit.

The real problem I think is that you want the sentences generated
from the Principal's sentence structure to have a different footnote than
the sentences generated from the Witness' sentence structure. I have
struggled with this too, and decided, for instance in my Census tags, to
two tags -- one for the Head of Household, and the other for someone
Enumerated within a household. This is not as clean as having one simple
tag. But now my Head of household can get one footnote (analogous to your
"Gory Facts"), and the others in the household can get a different, not as
"gory" footnote. I still use witness roles in both tags. This is not as
easy to input, but gives me great footnotes.

A while back I described the way I do it (actually it was only yesterday --
I'm a bit overwhelmed at this list the last 2 days, so it feels like
more!!!) You can check it out at

Hope this helps,
James Colgate

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From: "Brian Mair" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2002 7:11 PM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Some Report Generation Questions

> Thanks James,
> Yes, I had observed the discussion, and had mentally noted your
suggestion, however, I did not find
> relevance to the specific "difficulty". Let me state what I am trying to
> I would like to take the raw literal text of a source, or some portion
thereof, and place it in a
> footnote or endnote. I wish to do this, so that arcane language will not
throw a easier read of a
> narrative constructed from sentence/memo input where the phrasing can be
made more appealing by the
> garnishing of only "highlighted" tidbits of interest. (I wish to be able
to produce a document
> directed both at the "merely" curious and the "really" curious, the latter
group desiring to have
> "the gory facts" say, on a footnote on the same page.)
> So here's what I presently do, for example:-
> 1. When I obtain a death entry copy or census copy, I'll create a
Source entry and attach the
> image to it.
> 2. Now when I open a Death or Census Tag for the principal person, I
create a citation
> referencing the source entity.
> 3. In the CD window, I place some reference details and insert a
literal transcribed quote of the
> exact text found on the image.
> 4. Since the text mentions additional people I create witness entries
for the relevant
> individuals. The Add Witness screen only shows the relevant sentence
structure applicable to the
> role chosen. Nothing else.
> 5. I have only made one entry of the text and reference. (Perfect!)
> Now, for the surprise:
> When I ran a narrative report (using TMG 5.04) across a group of
individuals, including the
> principals and witnesses where I only entered things in ONCE, I
discovered that I ended up having
> different reference numbers assigned to exactly the same text, and
therefore had exactly the same
> "quotes of original material" all over the place. As many times as I had
in total number of
> principal and witnesses, mapped onto the single entry. My original concern
was: just how I could I
> prevent that "unnecessary" replication?.
> Now, since then, I have observed that the Witness Tags that are created as
the result of my step 4
> above, EACH Tag contains the information I had keyed once on the
Principal's CD to which they are
> attached, so I guess the CD window replication process into the Witness
Tags is just a hard built-in
> fact. My choice now is to go and remove the "offending" replicated text
"quotes" from all the
> relevant Witness Tags, (leaving the original quote only on the principal),
or find a different way
> of managing the "quoted text". If I remove the "offending" replicated
text from each of the Witness
> CD Detail window, I will still have multiple reference numbers, but I can
probably live with that.
> Does anyone have a recommended alternative practice?
> There is no other was to get quoted text into a footnote or endnote except
via a citation entry
> right?
> For those familiar with previous TMG capabilities re sending material to a
word processor, will I be
> able to automatically have, say death certificate images from the
referenced source (as illustrated
> above), also be passed to the word processor, say, all grouped together
ready for an "Appendix"?
> With reference via caption or something else?
> Thanks a lot,
> Brian Mair
> New Zealand
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