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From: Linda Gaylord-Kuhn <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] 5.04 Date Modifiers
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 19:35:25 -0600
In-Reply-To: <>

From: Lee Hoffman [mailto:]
>The definition for 'circa' according to the dictionary (pick one) is
>"around: about". In other words, the words are essentially synonyms
>each other. Of course, I probably would think it odd if someone told
>that "would meet me for dinner circa six o'clock" but I would certainly

>understand the meaning. Thus in TMG, as it has always been (since
>was added), is that they mean the same thing.

Considering the default value for Circa in TMG is 20 years, you might be
waiting a long time for dinner. <G> I consider census ages as "about",
and a twenty-year swing would be an inappropriate representation of
those. The sad thing is, many researchers _do_ make a distinction
between Circa and About. Since TMG will not accept About, even as an
irregular date, I guess I don't dare make the switch since it will alter
the meaning of my data considerably.

>"Between 1781 and 1790" is perfectly acceptable as a regular date in
>TMG. It will show in the Person View as "bt 1781-1790".

Funny, but it would not take "bet.", "btwn.", or "between" as a regular
date when I tried it earlier this evening. Now it does, so go figure.
Blame it on a reboot.

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