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Subject: Re: [TMG] 5.04 Tip of the Day for UFT Imports
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 21:54:24 EST

In a message dated 11/10/2002 11:54:55 AM Central Standard Time,

> The Principal sentence for Biography was defined as "[M3]" directly from
> the UFT import; a witness sentence was defined as "[W] witnessed the
> biography of [P] <and [PO]>: [M3]". Since there is no M1 or M2, and
> since I can't imagine someone witnessing a biography, I replaced the
> Principal sentence with "[M]" and deleted the Witness sentence.

That is okay except for one thing. If you have a memo anywhere in your import
that is attached to this tag, it won't print now because it will be ||||memo
Personally I would leave them as they are until I learned TMG more. DO NOT
DELETE THE || until you understand how they work memo fields. (Several of us
made this mistake early on)
Teresa Ghee Elliott

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