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From: "Nancy Erickson" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] performance issues
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 12:58:27 -0600
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Do check to be sure you are current. Perhaps others on
this list may also respond. The performance topic has gone pretty quiet
of late, so others may have had my experience.

Is everything slow or just certain tasks? How is data entry/editing, for
example, as opposed to filtering for people?

Have you backed up recently? If so, have you tried the TMG File
Menu/Maintenance/Reindex and Optimize routines??

Are you running other database-related products (Approach, Quicken,
etc.). I've found that sometimes the order in which the other products
are installed can make a difference in how stable or fast a system

BTW, I've experienced similar slowdowns in other database-related
products. Until last fall, I used to work for a specialty software
company which relied on Microsoft ODBC. Our software developers took
much undeserved criticism because certain versions of the MS drivers
were both buggy and sloooow. We could work around some of the problems,
but not all. It was really embarrassing for us to have our old 16-bit
products work much faster than the state of the art 32-bit engines which
MS forced everyone to adopt!!! The saga of Microsoft's database driver
issues is, unfortunately, legendary in the development industry.

Kind regards,


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From: Holly Hendricks [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, November 11, 2002 9:49 AM
Subject: RE: [TMG] performance issues

I reboot daily (at least once!) and it's been getting worse for months

I just upgraded from XP home to XP professional (what a rip-off just to
get IIS!) and had to reinstall service pack 1 after doing that, but I
haven't noticed any change in TMG performance as a result.

I'll see if there are other service packs I should get, but I know I had
them all installed when running XP home.

Thanks - these are good suggestions, but I need more! And why is just
one TMG database (the biggest) running so poorly when the rest
(500-1500) people each run faster than I can think or type?



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