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From: "Brian Mair" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Some Report Generation Questions
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:44:06 +1300
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Thanks Cheri and Terry,

Since 5.03 had no reports, and 5.04 has some, I had just become aware with 5.04 that placement of
'Un-sentenced" memo content could be subject to different handling, and began to think about that
option being part of the solution. Now that I am also aware that others have found this useful, I
believe this will indeed provide what I am looking for. Fortunately, I can still establish such a
personal practice without having to rework already existing sentence structures and memo

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From: "Terry Reigel" <>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 4:18 AM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Some Report Generation Questions

> Cheri Casper wrote:
> >I think that what some folks do is to put the "gory stuff" into Memo fields
> >and have the Memo fields print as footnotes and the sources print as
> >endnotes. But you will have to ask someone who uses this method (I think
> >Lee Hoffman does) exactly how to go about this.
> >
> James,
> Cheri's suggestion may come the closest to what you want. To use it, you
> would:
> 1. Put the "gory stuff" into Memo field
> 2. Make sure the [M] variable does not appear in the sentence structure
> of the principal, otherwise the memo text will appear in the body of the
> report and not as a note.
> 3. Make sure <[M0]> does appear in the sentence structure of the
> witnesses, otherwise the note will appear for them too.
> 4. Set the report definition (Options, Memo tab) to show memos not in
> sentence structures as footnotes.
> This last setting applies to the entire report. So if you use this
> method you need to manage the memos in all other tags correctly. That
> means that all tags with memos that are to print as body text include
> the [M] variable; any tags with memos that are not to print either have
> the <[M0]> variable or an exclusion marker in the Memo field.
> Terry Reigel
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