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From: "Bill Johnson" <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] performance issues
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 21:57:02 -0500
References: <> <001701c289a7$770fc0a0$667ba8c0@billjohn> <> <010901c289d6$7bcb6890$667ba8c0@billjohn>

Another one on Accent. I eliminated the Ancestor condition, and now have
only Flags. Everything works (almost?) as fast as with Accent off! So the
culprit was just the Ancestor condition. The Expanded Picklist is also
reasonably fast now. So I guess I can keep on using Accent. It looks as
though the Descendant, and Ancestor or Descendant conditions would also be
slow, since the program has to do an awful lot of checking. It fits with
what I was observing: first the Detail window painted, then the Children
window, then the Siblings window, and then the PE window, each of them
taking its own sweet time as it checked through for everyone.

Bill J.

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