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From: Doug Gordon <>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 19:20:21 -0500

Three times this has happened to me on 5.04. This is the sequence:

1) Make a bunch of record changes (mainly, I was updating LIVING flags on about 400 people, in batches of 50 or so).
2) Exit, selecting backup of dataset.
3) Dataset backup completes, get message to that effect, click OK.
4) Dialog box comes up "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN".

Clicking "Cancel" to this dialog is a mistake, as the program gets into a state where the same dialog comes up continuously, and the only way to exit is to abort it from Task Manager. Clicking "Ignore" seems to get me out of it.

On restarting TMG, I can exit and backup again and everything is OK. Checking the database integrity from the Maintenance menu sometimes shows "problems fixed", sometimes not. I checked the integrity before exiting and it was OK, but then I got the error anyway. Exiting without backing up seems to work OK.

I assume that Bob will see this message if posted in this group, so I don't have to make any other bug reports -- correct?

Doug Gordon

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