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From: Eric Haas <>
Subject: [TMG] Moving people between datasets
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:23:31 -0500

There still seem to be a couple of bugs related to moving people
between datasets.

If I have a group of people attached to a tag as witnesses and, I
move that entire group from one dataset to another, I end up with two
copies of the tag, one in the old dataset and one in the new. The
witnesses are attached once to the old tag and twice to the new tag.

This second one I just noticed. I moved a group of people (husband,
wife and daughter) from one dataset to another. I have a note tag
attached to husband and wife. The note tag has place information
filled in. If I go to the MPL, the place is listed twice. One time
it is attached to several events, including the note tag and is listed
as being in dataset #5 (the correct dataset). The second time it is
listed, it is attached only to the note tag but, it listed as being in
dataset #1 (the old dataset from which these people were moved).
However, the principals attached to it are in dataset #5! The note
tag appears only once from the screen of either of the principals.
Anyone know how I can get rid of the bogus listing in the MPL?
Optimize and Reindex won't do it.

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