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From: Eric Haas <>
Subject: [TMG] Re: Moving people between datasets
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:52:01 -0500
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Friday, November 15, 2002, 3:23:31 PM, I wrote:

EH> This second one I just noticed. I moved a group of people (husband,
EH> wife and daughter) from one dataset to another. I have a note tag
EH> attached to husband and wife. The note tag has place information
EH> filled in. If I go to the MPL, the place is listed twice. One time
EH> it is attached to several events, including the note tag and is listed
EH> as being in dataset #5 (the correct dataset). The second time it is
EH> listed, it is attached only to the note tag but, it listed as being in
EH> dataset #1 (the old dataset from which these people were moved).
EH> However, the principals attached to it are in dataset #5! The note
EH> tag appears only once from the screen of either of the principals.
EH> Anyone know how I can get rid of the bogus listing in the MPL?
EH> Optimize and Reindex won't do it.

Okay, I finally got rid of the duplicate place. I wrote down all of
the information in the note tag and then deleted it. Then I
optimized but, the duplicate place was still there. Then I tried
Validate File Integrity. It said "1369 potential problems fixed".
However, the duplicate place was still in the MPL. I also noticed
that my principal had several tags duplicated that had not been
duplicated before. I deleted the extra tags. I re-added my note tag
and, as I clicked okay, TWO note tags appeared. One showed up as
primary and was the one I had just entered. The other showed up as
non-primary and, contained info in the memo that I had forgotten to
re-enter(!) so it had to be an old copy of the tag that had been
hidden for some reason. I deleted the non-primary tag and re-entered
the memo info I had forgotten. Then I went back to the MPL. The
duplicate place was still listed but, this time, there were no events
attached to it. So, I ran optimize yet again and, this time the
duplicate disappeared!

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