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From: Joe Makowiec <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] PDF
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 07:17:30 -0500
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At 02:00 AM 11-16-2002 -0600, Tami Bunkers Dolan wrote:
>Has anyone tried to include a link to a PDF file, either thru the exhibit
>log or the memo of a tag? I've been downloading census files and saving
>them as PDF files. I like to be able to link to the file in TMG so that
>when I'm in TMG I can look at the census file or when I create my webpage,
>have a hyperlink to the census image.

Directly from the v 4 Help file:

Embedded codes now support ««X"T;text"»» or [HTML:]text[:HTML] which allows
an HTML reference or link to be passed directly to the HTML output (in the
Gold Edition only). For example, if you include the following line in a
tag's memo:

For more information on this line, see [HTML:]<A
HREF="">John Henry's Page</A>[:HTML]

Copyright (c) 2000, Wholly Genes, Inc.

TMG 5 looks similar. What you would do, assuming that the file is named
mypdf.pdf, and is located in the same directory as your html files is put
this in the sentence of the tag where you want it to appear:
[html:]<a href="mypdf.pdf">See the census image</a>[:html]

You can also attach or insert a .pdf as an exhibit. Assuming you want the
file as an external link:

- Highlight the .pdf file and do a Ctrl^C (Copy).
- Go to where you want the exhibit attached and click on the "camera" icon.
- Click the "Add" button, tell it you want an OLE object, fill in the
appropriate information, then click "Show Object".
- The window which shows up now is quite blank and featureless. You have
to remember that the menus on top change to suit the context. Go to Edit,
and select either Paste (to actually embed the object) or Paste Special (to
embed a link to it).

That's it. You now have the .pdf available to you in TMG.

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