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From: "Cheri Casper" <>
Subject: RE: [TMG] Type to get to Source
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 09:45:29 -0800
In-Reply-To: <006a01c28f10$5aac86a0$284a3b41@oemcomputer>

I find that entering numbers if most tricky as the last element of a filter
for the PL or the PE. TMG just sort of stops entering data after the first
three digitis so that 1850 comes out 185. Then it takes me about a couple
of tries to get the complete date in. It appears that you can enter the
date by merely having the cursor in the field, but that you have to "select"
the entire field before you can enter anything over 3 digits.


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From: James P. Colgate [mailto:]
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2002 6:40 AM
Subject: Re: [TMG] Type to get to Source

I'm in v 4, but this happens to me all the time as well. And I notice it
all over the place (not just Master Source List) -- whenever I want to type
in a 3 digit number, e.g. in tag entry when I want to add another primary
person's 3-digit id number, etc. It seems that when I use my mouse to click
on the field where I want to type my 3-digit number, if the pointer is
towards the right of the field, then the cursor appears in the right of the
field, leaving only room for two digits, like you said. If I click the
mouse when the pointer is smack in the middle of the field, then the cursor
starts in the middle, and lets me enter all three digits.

Hope this helps,

James Colgate
Sharon CT (no longer stormy here, although an ice storm had cut out power to
my town for a day and a half!)

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From: "Doreen & Peter Neilley" <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 6:39 PM
Subject: [TMG] Type to get to Source

> Dear Listers,
> I have noticed something strange and wonder if anyone can help me work it
out. When I access my Sources Master List and try to "type to get to", it
won't accept zeros *0* or spaces. If I try to type 506, I am sent to 56. If
I try to type 56 P I am sent to the beginning of the 56 section. This
doesn't seem to happen when I am in the Tags Master List. I can type *Birth
Reg* and get there just fine.
> I have developed my source document filing system over 14 years of trial
and error (lots of those!) and now have something that I finally can't see
myself makign any major changes to (just additions). But if I have to
manually find my sources each time or else keep reprinting the List of
Sources (thank you thank you thank you Wholly Genes!) to know what the
source system ID number is, I may throw a wobbly!
> Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong, or is this just the way
it goes?
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