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Subject: [TMG] Re: Tree View Preference
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:57:03 EST

Karen wrote:
>Yes, Virginia, please send me a .bmp picture of your layout.

Hi, Karen -

I've sent you - and others who requested - bmp pictures of my layout
(tmg4view). I included the Flags window in my tmg4 layout, but you can close
that and horizontally elongate the Children and Siblings windows if you
prefer. I also put the children and siblings below the tree instead of on
the left like tmg4; the tree fonts seem to size better if that window is not
the full height of the screen.

I also sent a picture of the layout and the .lo (layout) file to Bryan Wetton
for his layout page:

Lee Hoffman also has tmg4 layout versions on his page:

If you download a .lo (layout) file, just place it in your TMG5 directory
and the layout will then be available on the layout list in View.


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