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Subject: Re: [TMG] Ancestral Files
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:43:05 EST

If the consensus on sources says the source ought to be where you "saw it",
count me out of the consensus. My basic rule is the source and repository
ought to be the place or record where one can FIND the information, not where
I saw it. Census records are a fine example. The source is usually a census
record that I had mailed to my local library and that is where I 'saw it" on
their microfilm reader. I doubt if anyone (or almost anyone) would be willing
to take a trip to upstate New York to the Penn Yan Public Library to check my
source to see if it is appropriate. Of course, by the time the checker
arrived the film would be back in the Archives or where ever it came from and
all they would have to show for their efforts would be some fine local
scenery. So for me the source of the information is the appropriate US Census
record and the repository is the National Archives where it is availible for
one and all to see and use. A marriage record ordered from some county court
house is also illustrative of the point. According to the consensus I presume
the source would be the record and the repository would be my house as that
is where I "saw it". For me the source is the record and the repository is
the county court house or whatever maintains such files and records. I might
add in the CD that I happen to have a personal copy of the record or any
other appropriate detail. Another person's opinion evidently outside the

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