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From: Jeff Milner <>
Subject: Re: [TMG] Version 4 Witness Sentences
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 19:33:19 -0500
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Elsa Vorwerk wrote:
> In version 4, I've been refining my default sentences and have just
> realized that in at least two instances, a tag's witness sentence
> appears in the individual narrative report as constructed but with
> the addition of the memo printing at the end. The memo is not present
> in the sentence structure, either in the default sentence or in the
> individual witness's sentence in either case. Seems to be an
> across-the-board thing. I've deleted the sentences and re-entered
> them, and also rebooted, but the memo still appears tacked onto the
> end of the sentence(s). Any ideas?
This is a feature of witness sentences. To suppress the memo, add
<[M0]>, that's M zero, at the end of your sentence.

Jeff Milner
Crawfordville, GA

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