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Subject: Re: [TMG] TMG version 5.04 printer problem
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 23:03:45 EST

Ron -- thanks for your reply -- I am running windows ME
You asked if I could open TMG 5

It will start to open and goes to the welcome window and when I select last
the computer freezes up and I have no other choice but to shut down. However
if I have the default printer on TMG opens fine and I can use the program
just can't print.

Well, thanks for the advise I went back into TMG by way of the default and
changed the printer selection to my hp990 and then tried a report and it
worked just fine. I am delighted, as I like this printer and being able to
print on both sides of the paper is great.
Thanks again....Jadean

I have the same printer, an HP 990Cse, running with Windows XP Home and have
had no problems. Do you have the latest drivers from HP? I just ran an
individual narrative report with no problem. I used both the Windows default
and the HP driver.

You also said:
> I have to use a
> default setting
> for the printer in order to open TMG 5

Are you having problems opening version 5.04?

When the printer setup screen opens can you select selected and choose your

Ron Carlton
Dallas, Texas

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